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Collecting in times of Covid

The Historical Museum asks to collect together to remember the time of the Corona Crisis in Frankfurt in the future.

How will we remember the Corona pandemic in Frankfurt? What was important to us in Frankfurt during this situation? To record this time in the city's history, the Historical Museum asks everyone to collect together: Pictures, texts, audios, videos, photos, objects and stories.

We first published this call in March 2020. Now, unfortunately, in 2022 the pandemic is still not over – we continue to collect: personal memories, for example, and insights into everyday life. As Frankfurt Museum, only submissions that relate directly to the city will be included. Submissions that have no relation to Frankfurt are referred to the nationwide collecting Corona Archive.

How does collecting work?

You can send us your submissions in two ways:

Via Email:

Pictures that describe everyday life during the pandemic or tell of things that helped you through everyday life can be emailed to the museum. Please also tell us why this is or was so important to you. We will then contact you (please be patient). Together we will then decide which objects will finally really be included in the museum collection. A note: We have already received a lot of masks. However, we are still looking for objects from people and areas that are particularly busy over the two years, such as people who work in the medical field...

The curators Dorothee Linnemann and Nina Gorgus are looking forward to your email:

Nina Gorgus Curator for the collections Toys, Everyday Culture and Household II (from 1880), Childhood and Youth Culture nina.gorgus[at]stadt-frankfurt.de

Dorothee Linnemann Curator for the Graphic Arts Collection, Photography, Media and Communication dorothee.linnemann[at]stadt-frankfurt.de

A mini selection of submission is on display in the museum's foyer.

Via Stadtlabor Digital:

Users can also recount their experiences and share their images in „Stadtlabor Digital“. The site already has a "corona" category. Self-produced audio, video, image and text contributions are uploaded to the Frankfurt map and shared with the community. The result is a growing, collaborative collection of Frankfurt knowledge that makes it possible to experience how people deal with the current situation.

To participate, please create an account on the homepage of the Historical Museum at "Login" above. Then log in and you can start directly. For the contributions we have created the now new categroy "corona". In the last step, your contributions will be activated by the museum staff and will then appear online.

We thank you very much for your openness to share and document your daily life during the corona pandemic in Frankfurt!