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Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Junger Mann betrachtet Ausstellungsstücke in 100xFrankfurt
100xFrankfurt © HMF
Mädchen betrachtet Kaiserkrone
Reichsinsignien © HMF
Junger Mann betrachtet Ausstellungsstücke in 100xFrankfurt Mädchen betrachtet Kaiserkrone

This tour takes you to famous, magnificent and unusual exhibition pieces, as well as architectural highlights throughout the Museum Quarter.

After visiting the "Staufer harbour", descend to the "Staufer Age", where you can have a look at the medieval city and the copy of the imperial insignia. Via the impressive wooden staircase dating back to 1842, you will reach the exhibition "Collectors and Donors". Here you will encounter the oldest collections of the city and its citizens. Under the museum forecourt you stand in front of the huge "snow globe" - decide which of the eight models of the city the robot should "serve" you. In the new exhibition house you experience the city history "Frankfurt Once?" with its five theme galleries. On level 3, the exhibition is dedicated to "Frankfurt Now!" the presence of our city and you can enjoy the fantastic views of the Römer and the Main. Optionally, you can finally climb the 500-year-old Rententurm (Toll Tower) and it will give you an idea of life and commerce on the Main.
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This tour is entirely dedicated  to the new exhibition house.

The prelude is a view of the huge "snow globe" with eight Frankfurt features that characterise the city. In the 2,000 m² exhibition "Frankfurt Once?" With its five theme galleries Townscapes, 100 x Frankfurt, Citizen's Town, Money Town and Global City, you will experience the city's history completely new and meet famous highlights from the collection of the HMF (again). In the attic, the exhibition "Frankfurt Now!" is dedicated to the present of our city. The 70 square meter artistic Frankfurt model was made specially for the museum. The artistic memory project "Library of Generations" has its own "house in the house". To round off the tour enjoy the fantastic view of the Römer and the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge).
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
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Blick in den Ausstellungsteil 100 x Frankfurt im Historischen Museum
100 x Frankfurt © HMF Foto Petra Welzel
Die Frankfurter Küche in 100 x Frankfurt im Historischen Museum Frankfurt
100 x Frankfurt © HMF Foto Petra Welzel
Blick in den Ausstellungsteil 100 x Frankfurt im Historischen Museum Die Frankfurter Küche in 100 x Frankfurt im Historischen Museum Frankfurt

Some "object stories" give special insight into Frankfurt's city history.

What does a gilded top cup have to do with an umbrella or with the Frankfurt kitchen? The gallery "100 x Frankfurt" condenses objects and stories into a multi-layered city history and places the highlights of the collection in new contexts. The chronologically arranged 100 objects stand for events and prominent people from a period of over 1,000 years. They provide a concise and entertaining overview spanning the entire length of Level 1 of the exhibition building.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes

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Besucher betrachten das große Altstadtmodell
Treunermodell im Altstadtdrama, Foto: HMF
Besucher betrachten das Frankfurt-Modell
Frankfurt-Modell, Foto: HMF
Besucher betrachten das große Altstadtmodell Besucher betrachten das Frankfurt-Modell

These miniature worlds show completely different dimensions of Frankfurt.

City models have always been part of a city museum. This tour leads to the "classics" of the collection, such as the large model of Frankfurt's Old Town before its destruction in the Second World War, and to completely new highlights: "Typical Frankfurt!" in the form of a gigantic "snow globe" attracts the visitors with its eight artistically designed city models. The 70 m² Frankfurt model by the Rotterdam artist Hermann Helle in the permanent exhibition "Frankfurt Now!" shows the present city. From unusual materials such as found objects, packaging and everyday utensils, the city becomes a diverse world full of stories. Optionally, the visit of the Staufer model can be connected. On the model of the city around 1250, a video is projected on the development from Roman times to the present.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes

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Das Englische Monument © HMF Foto Frank Plate
Radio der Marke Schaub Lorenz (Weekend T50L) von Giuseppe Bruno © HMF Foto Horst Ziegenfusz

Throughout the museum you will encounter exhibits that reflect the diversity of the city.
Immigration has been common in Frankfurt since the early Middle Ages: since the 12th century, the trade fair city on the Main ford has grown mainly due to its convenient location and fair trade. People came here or got stranded here. This was and is especially true for merchants, service providers and producers - as well as for refugees from near and far. Today, Frankfurt is the city of "superdiversity" in Germany. In no other German city this many people from different cultures live together - and all of them shape Frankfurt. The tour leads through the entire Museum Quarter: from the "Staufer Age" to the "Collector's Museum" to "Frankfurt Once?" and "Frankfurt Now!".
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
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Tisch mit Karteikarten des Auschwitzprozesse zu den SS-Angehörigen und den Zeugen © Fritz Bauer Institut, Frankfurt am Main Foto Horst Ziegenfusz
Römerbergring, 1937 © HMF Foto Horst Ziegenfusz

The History of Frankfurt during National Socialism (1933-1945) is present in all permanent exhibitions.

The selected exhibits are spread out over the entire Museum Quarter. It becomes apparent how quickly the formerly liberal Frankfurt joined the Nazi ideology. Municipal offices, companies and research institutions were involved in racial ideology, war and mass murder. You will encounter personal destinies and memories of contemporary witnesses of the NS. Particularly impressive are the exhibits which testify to the destruction of the Frankfurt city center by the Allied air raids, but also evidence of the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials (1963-68). Two stations in the collector's museum show the involvement of the museum itself with Nazi history.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
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Die Reichsinsignien in der Dauerausstellung Stauferzeit © HMF Foto Petra Welzel
Stauferhafen © HMF

The tour takes place in the basement of the Saalhof.

Medieval Frankfurt is brought back to life over 250 m² of floor space. Archaeological finds and objects made of metal, signets etc., as well as a large model, show the development of the Staufer period in Frankfurt. Through the remains of the old city wall from the 13th century and Late Middle Ages, past a fountain and a few water pipes made of wood and stone, visitors can look down into an open canal, which has been providing drainage out of the city centre since the Staufer period.
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Staatliche Bildstelle Berlin, Der Rententurm von Südwesten aus gesehen © HMF Horst Ziegenfusz
Mann arbeitet an historischer Pendeluhr im Rententurm
Historische Pendeluhr im Rententurm © HMF Petra Welzel
Mann arbeitet an historischer Pendeluhr im Rententurm

The tour provides visitors with an overview of historical and current life on the Main. 

With its square floorplan, the four-storey Rententurm (Toll Tower) is one of the few existant late Gothic towers of the old town fortification from the mid-15th century. The interrelationships between port and trade and between toll and tax payments, as well as the activities of the toll office, are explained here in more detail through a selection of different objects. The highlights of the tour does not only include a unique view, but also the historic tower clock. 
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Außenaufnahmen der sanierten Altbauten des Historischen Museums (Bernusbau, Burnitzbau) © HMF Foto Petra Welzel
Eingangsgebäudes HMF © HMF

During the tour through five building sections spanning eight centuries, the various complexes – from the Staufer building to the Bernusgewölbe – are explored. 

The building complex of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt reflects 800 years of history. Thanks to the unique architecture of the building – which originated in the 12th through the 19th  centuries and was extensively renovated between 2008 and 2012 – we are able to enjoy a unique look into the history of the city. 
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Blick auf die Sammlung Waldschmidt mit Messgeräten und Bibliothek in Vitrinen
Sammlung Waldschmidt Messgeräte und Bibliothek © HMF Foto Horst Ziegenfusz
Sammlung Rüppel Krokodilsschädel © HMF
Blick auf die Sammlung Waldschmidt mit Messgeräten und Bibliothek in Vitrinen

This tour focuses on collecting, starting with the history of collections and cabinets of art and curiosities to the modern museum.
What is collected in different periods and how? Who collects and why? The history of Frankfurt collectors also leads to the history of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt: How was the oldest city museum in Frankfurt established? Numerous objects can be discovered in the exhibition “Frankfurt collectors and donors”, spread across four floors.
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Statue von Karl dem Großen © HMF Foto Petra Welzel
Puppenhaus der Familie Gontard, Frankfurt am Main © HMF Foto Uwe Dettmar

La visite guidée vous conduira sur les traces de Charlemagne, père fondateur de Francfort.
La statue érigée à son effigie sur le Vieux Pont le représentait tourné vers la France, brandissant son épée. Après quoi nous marcherons sur les traces des huguenots : le monument anglais témoigne d’une époque où Francfort s’affirmait comme la destination préférée des réfugiés francophones. Enfin, la visite arrivera à l’époque du prince primat Karl Theodor de Dalberg qui imposait le code Napoléon à la ville. Que l’on considère l’architecture classique réalisée par Nicolas de Pigage, ou bien la présence de familles commerçantes comme les Gontard, force est de constater que Francfort demeure la métropole la plus française de l’Allemagne encore aujourd’hui.
Durée: ca. 90 minutes
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Giebel der Goldenen Waage
Giebel Goldene Waage © HMF Foto Uwe Dettmar
Detailaufnahme Goldene Waage
Goldene Waage © HMF Foto Uwe Dettmar
Giebel der Goldenen Waage Detailaufnahme Goldene Waage

Frankfurt has recovered one of the most beautiful half-timbered buildings from the Renaissance!

The HMF has furnished the two upper floors of the front building with furniture, paintings and everyday objects from the 17th and 18th centuries in the way the wealthy merchant family van Hamel might have lived in, who had the house built in 1618. These stylish rooms can only be visited on a guided tour. The meeting point is in the foyer of the Historical Museum Frankfurt. There you will first go to the exhibition called "Altstadt-Drama", where you will learn more about the eventful history of the house in the context of the history of Frankfurt's old town.From there the path leads to the splendidly reconstructed Old Town House with its stylish rooms. The highlight is the "Belvederchen" with its view of the cathedral and the surrounding roofs.

Note: In the Goldene Waage there is a cloakroom only for jackets / coats and smaller bags. Larger bags must be deposited in the lockers in the Historical Museum Frankfurt.

Duration: about 90 minutes
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